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JH GROUP is a group of companies owned and founded by Dr. Emil hakim who is a master mind and an entrepreneur in the business world for more than 20 years, he has been successfully achieving marvelous records in the business world at different industries such as international trade, commodity, cosmetics, dietary supplements, manufacturing, financial services, and…etc.


Dr. Emil hakim have expanded his business`s geographic coverage on both the national and international levels. He achieved National reach to all 50 states by establishing a Major sub-dealer’s networks covering regional geographic areas. On the other hand, the International Network of Dealers and Agents in the United States, Middle East, West Africa, Europe, and Far East


The rate of success and growth at JH GROUP has been incredibly higher than the average market`s growth rate, positioning JH GROUP into the top category for the fastest growing companies in united states. Dr. Emil hakim is achieving new records every year in the fields of sales growth, efficiency, and geographic expansion.



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